Arena Petro Gas at a glance

Arena Petro Gas Co. (A.P.G) was established and incorporated for the purpose of projects implementation and supplying raw materials and equipment of chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas and refining industries while the quality is rigidly controlled in accordance with all applicable Codes and Standards. It is relying on its commercial and engineering capabilities in order to implement projects of aforementioned industries and supply raw materials, equipment and components providing warranty and after sales service...

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We possess the global strength to both sell and purchase a wide variety of raw materials and equipment in Oil, Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical industries by having affiliated offices in different countries. Our expert trading teams have many experience sourcing products from a variety of domestic producers and manufacturers at the lowest prices. We provide a complete service, from sourcing and acquiring products to transporting and delivering them. Our core strength comes from our ability to work quickly and effectively in changing markets, to ensure that we provide fast, on time solutions to the urgent needs of clients as well as building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding.  Our activities have been mainly in the following fields:

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Employers and Clients


The company has had the opportunity to work with numerous private and public companies And while doing the best to obtain the consent of all the obligations of the Company has been

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Certificates and Acknowledgements

The company has managed to improve their service quality to international standards of quality management system for receiving petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas ISO / TS29001: 2010, and System Safety - Health - Environment (HSE-MS), the company TUV UK been.

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Research and Development


The R&D section of the Arena Petro Gas Company (A.P.G) uses the scientific, technical and modern technology power in order to do investigations and applied research to improve the quality and quantity of services, develop the innovation and create value-added till to have fundamental steps in line with competitive quality, increase productivity and firm dynamics.

The department has operated within the framework of ISO standards and EFQM model, and the company is recorded, analysed and monitored all the data and reports of the process of the underway projects...

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Arena Petro Gas


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Head Office:

First Floor , No 592

Between 20 and 22 Pirouzi St.

Pirouzi Blvd. , Mashhad , Iran

Postal Code : 9177956317