The R&D section of the Arena Petro Gas Company (A.P.G) uses the scientific, technical and modern technology power in order to do investigations and applied research to improve the quality and quantity of services, develop the innovation and create value-added till to have fundamental steps in line with competitive quality, increase productivity and firm dynamics.

The department has operated within the framework of ISO standards and EFQM model, and the company is recorded, analysed and monitored all the data and reports of the process of the underway projects. Thus, the development and enhance the quality and quantity of the company services in its activity has been growing progressively, and has been able to achieve customers' satisfaction, and always increases the level of awareness and experience of its staff and other partner companies. The company had a continuous effort to offer a unique feature of its services more than other competitors.

Furthermore, the company collaborate with other research centres and universities by using the consulting services, conducting projects in a form of an agreement and Master and PhD theses data.


R&D Strategies:

  • Identify and introduce knowledge and new technologies to enhance enterprise competitive advantage;
  • Manage technical committees and technical problems;
  • Provide and update technical methods – engineering;
  • Continuous collaboration with reputable research institutes and research centres;
  • Establish links with universities in order to participate in research activities;
  • Communicate with related organizations and institutions;
  • Prepare and update the required standards of the company.


The experts, professors and elite university graduates in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Chemicals Industry would be invited to cooperate with us in different research projects.


Research & Development Management


Arena Petro Gas


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