Power and Energy

Arena Petro Gas is able to supply chemicals, raw materials and equipment to all plants industries. Additionally, we are active in providing services in relation to supply, maintenance, installation, operation and equipment of Industrial plants.By expanding its activities in supplying equipment for the electrical and other industries, as well as supplying chemical raw materials to oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Arena Petro Gas has taken an important step in resolving the industry’s basic requires. In this regard we are honored to supply:
A) Material and Equipment Supply

1- All types of electrical and mechanical equipment: including but not limited to special pipe & fitting and super alloy
2- Chemicals: like sulphuric acid, HCL, NaOH, Caustic Soda, glycols, oils and etc.
3- Anti-Corrosion and corrosion inhibitor materials

B) Installation and operation services: engineering, construction, procurement, maintenance, installation and operation of industrial plants

Arena Petro Gas would like to announce its readiness and interest in providing services in relation to EPC project in Iran’s neighbor countries, CIS and central Asian countries.