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HDPE 60507UV


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HDPE 60507UV is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from JAM PETROCHEMICAL through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

In addition, it is a type of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is manufactured in a gas phase process for injection molding applications. It has good flowability and balanced physical properties, such as high stiffness, tensile strength, and impact resistance. It also contains UV stabilizers that protect it from degradation by sunlight.

This product can be used for various purposes:

  • Crates: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into durable and lightweight crates for storing and transporting goods. Crates made from this product can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist cracking or breaking.
  • Pails: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into pails for holding liquids or solids. Pails made from this product can have tight-fitting lids and handles for easy carrying and pouring. They can also resist chemicals and corrosion.
  • Pallets and pallet boxes: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into pallets and pallet boxes for loading and unloading goods. Pallets and pallet boxes made from this product can have high load-bearing capacity and dimensional stability. They can also be recycled or reused after use.
  • Trash bins and wheeled bins: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into trash bins and wheeled bins for collecting and disposing waste. Trash bins and wheeled bins made from this product can have large volumes and lids to prevent odor and leakage. They can also be easily moved by wheels or handles.
  • Sealant and adhesive cartridges: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into sealant and adhesive cartridges for dispensing various types of sealants and adhesives. Sealant and adhesive cartridges made from this product can have precise nozzles and valves for controlled application. They can also resist pressure and temperature changes.
  • Street furniture: HD 60507 (UV) can be molded into street furniture, such as benches, tables, chairs, planters, etc. Street furniture made from this product can have aesthetic designs and colors. They can also withstand outdoor exposure and vandalism.

These are some of the industries that use this product:

  • Packaging: HD 60507 (UV) is used for making packaging materials, such as crates, pails, pallets, pallet boxes, etc., that are used for storing and transporting various goods, such as food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Waste management: HD 60507 (UV) is used for making waste management materials, such as trash bins and wheeled bins, that are used for collecting and disposing various types of waste, such as household, industrial, medical, etc.
  • Construction: HD 60507 (UV) is used for making construction materials, such as sealant and adhesive cartridges, that are used for sealing and bonding various surfaces, such as wood, metal, concrete, etc.
  • Urban design: HD 60507 (UV) is used for making urban design materials, such as street furniture, that are used for enhancing the appearance and functionality of public spaces, such as parks, squares, sidewalks, etc.
These are some of the technical specifications of this product in JAM PETROCHEMICAL:

- Melt index: 7.5 g/10 min - Density: 0.958 g/cm3 - Vicat softening point: 127 °C - Tensile strength at yield: 30 MPa - Tensile strength at break: 13 MPa - Ultimate elongation: 350 % - Flexural modulus: 1500 MPa - Notched Izod impact @ 23 °C: 36 J/m

Finally, if you are looking for HD 60507 (UV) from JAM PETROCHEMICAL plants, Arena Petro Gas company is ready to supply you as its trading services according to your requirements and in accordance to the manufacturers' specifications, you can easily submit your order online.
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High Density Polyethylene 60507UV

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 60507UV is a versatile polymer known for its high strength-to-density ratio. It is a specific grade of HDPE designed for applications requiring good flowability and balanced physical properties, along with UV resistance. This makes it an ideal material for products exposed to the elements.

HDPE 60507UV Trading Supplier

As a trading supplier of HDPE 60507UV, it’s essential to focus on the quality and consistency of the product. Suppliers must ensure that they source from reputable manufacturers that adhere to strict quality control measures. They should also provide comprehensive technical support and logistics services to facilitate smooth transactions for their clients. One of the suppliers of HDPE 60507UV in Iran is Arena Petro Gas Company.

Applications of HDPE 60507UV

HDPE 60507UV is well-suited for a variety of applications, particularly where high stiffness and UV resistance are required. Common uses include crates, outdoor furniture, and storage containers. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it a preferred choice for long-lasting products.

HDPE 60507UV Manufacturers in Iran

Iran boasts several manufacturers of HDPE 60507UV, who utilize advanced gas phase process technology to produce this high-quality resin. These manufacturers are known for their innovation and commitment to sustainability, often incorporating eco-friendly practices in their production processes. Jam Petrochemical is one of the producers of HDPE 60507UV in Iran

HDPE 60507UV

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