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22B02 is a linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from BAKHTAR PETROCHEMICAL through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

The 22B02 polymer product is a type of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with 1-Butene as co-monomer. It has high stiffness making it suitable for usage in high stiffness blown and cast films, blending and lamination .

The uses of this product are:
  • Packaging films for food, industrial and agricultural products
  • Stretch films for pallet wrapping and bundling
  • Lamination films for paper, aluminum and other substrates
  • Blending with other polymers to improve their properties
The 22B02 polymer product is used in various industries that require flexible and durable films, such as:
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical and medical industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Textile and clothing industry
  • Construction and building industry
The technical specifications of this product in BAKHTAR PETROCHEMICAL are as follows:
  • Characteristic | Unit | Condition | Typical value | Test method
  • Melt index | g/10 min | 190°C/2.16 kg | 1.8-2.2 | ASTM D1238
  • Density | g/ml | 23°C | 0.920-0.924 | ASTM D1505
  • F/E ratio | - | - | <30 | ASTM D1238
  • Yellowness index | - | - | 0.5 | ASTM D1925
  • Ti content | Ppm wt | - | 2 | MTM 15636
  • Fish eyes | Gels/m2 | - | 60 | MTM 17108
  • Haze | % | - | 13 | ASTM D1003
  • Gloss | %O | - | 90 | ASTM D2457
  • Dart impact | g | - | 60 | ASTM D1709
  • Tensile strength @ yield (TD) | Mpa | - | 13 | ASTM D882
  • Tensile strength @ yield (MD) | Mpa | - | 12 | ASTM D882
  • Tensile strength @ break (TD) | Mpa | - | 38 | ASTM D882
  • Elongation @ break (TD) | % | - | 1000 | ASTM D882
  • Elongation @ break (MD) | % | - | 850 | ASTM D882
If you are looking for LLDPE 22B02 from BAKHTAR PETROCHEMICAL plants, Arena Petro Gas company is ready to supply you as its trading services according to your requirements and in accordance to the manufacturers' specifications, you can easily submit your order online.  

Linear Low Density Polyethylene 22B02

Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) 22B02 is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer known for its excellent mechanical properties and versatility. It is produced by copolymerizing ethylene with alpha-olefins, such as 1-butene, which enhances its flexibility and strength. LLDPE 22B02 is characterized by its high stiffness, making it suitable for applications that require durable and resilient materials. LLDPE 22B02 has a density range of 0.920-0.924 g/cm³ and a melt index of 1.8-2.2 g/10 min. These properties make it ideal for producing high-quality blown and cast films, which are widely used in packaging and other industries. The material’s resistance to environmental stress cracking and its chemical resistance further enhance its suitability for demanding applications.

LLDPE 22B02 Trading Supplier in Iran

ARENA PETRO GAS Company is known as the supplier of LLDPE 22B02 in Iran Iran is a significant player in the global petrochemical market, and LLDPE 22B02 is one of the many products traded within and outside the country. Several suppliers in Iran specialize in the distribution of LLDPE 22B02, ensuring that industries have access to high-quality materials for their manufacturing needs. Another key player in the Iranian market is BAKHTAR Petrochemical Company, which also supplies LLDPE 22B02. They focus on delivering high-quality materials that cater to the needs of different industries, from packaging to consumer goods. Their extensive distribution network ensures that customers across Iran and beyond can access their products with ease.

Applications of LLDPE 22B02

LLDPE 22B02 is used in a wide range of applications due to its versatile properties. Some of the most common applications include:
  1. Packaging: LLDPE 22B02 is widely used in the packaging industry for making films, bags, and other packaging materials. Its high tensile strength and flexibility make it ideal for protecting products during transportation and storage.
  2. Agriculture: The material is used in the production of agricultural films, such as greenhouse covers and mulch films. Its durability and resistance to environmental factors make it a popular choice for agricultural applications.
  3. Consumer Goods: LLDPE 22B02 is used in the production of various consumer goods, such as toys, household items, and containers. Its flexibility and impact resistance make it suitable for these applications.
  4. Automotive: In the automotive industry, LLDPE 22B02 is used for making various components, such as fuel tanks and interior parts. Its toughness and ability to withstand impact make it suitable for these applications.
  5. Construction: The construction industry uses LLDPE 22B02 for various applications, including geomembranes and insulation materials. Its strength and resistance to environmental factors make it a reliable material for construction purposes.

LLDPE 22B02 Manufacturers in Iran

Iran is home to several manufacturers of LLDPE 22B02, each contributing to the country’s robust petrochemical industry. These manufacturers are known for their high-quality products and adherence to international standards. BAKHTAR Petrochemical Company is another major manufacturer of LLDPE 22B02 in Iran. They are known for their extensive product range and commitment to quality. Their LLDPE 22B02 products are used in numerous applications, from packaging to automotive components. In conclusion, LLDPE 22B02 is a highly versatile and widely used material in various industries. Its excellent tensile strength, flexibility, and wide range of applications make it a valuable material for manufacturers. Iran, with its robust petrochemical industry, is a key player in the production and supply of LLDPE 22B02, ensuring that industries have access to high-quality materials for their manufacturing needs.


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