Arena Petro Gas is able to supply chemicals, raw materials and equipment to all plants industries. Additionally, we are active in

The company is able to supply a variety of petroleum, gas and petrochemical products for domestic and export purposes …

Arena Petro Gas Company can supply all the minerals as processed and processed by miners, bumpers and others …

The company is proud of its ability to supply a variety of agricultural fertilizers and pesticides by using the extensive range of

Iran is ranked second in the world oil and gas reserves as
one of the main players in this field of industry

Arna Petro Gas Company with specialized business background in supplying raw materials for industries …

Arena Petro Gas Co. having extensive facilities, resources and experienced experts, and is quite familiar with the regulations of international trading, transportation, banking and customs affairs. It also supplies equipment and raw materials in the shortest possible time with competitive price.

We possess the global strength to both sell and purchase a wide variety of raw materials and equipment for different industries by having affiliated offices in different countries. Our expert trading teams cooperating with variety of domestic producers and manufacturers and finding the lowest prices as a sourcing products.

Arena Petro Gas Company (APG) Engineering and design department is able to provide a wide range of technical and engineering services, relying on the ability of experienced experts and its many years of experience in designing and engineering services for projects in oil, gas, petrochemical and fundamental industries. Also the specialists of this department acquiring the latest knowledge and technology of the world  by constant efforts, control and supervision of the technical specifications of the equipment which provided by the commercial department .

Without a doubt, the management of operation is a fundamental part of a successful (EPC) project (engineering, procurement, construction).

At the executive level, there’s not a moment to waste. The decisions made every minute, every day, every month have far-reaching and long-lasting implications for the organization – for good or for bad.
We are committed to providing honest, friendly and affordable services for everyone


Arena Petro Gas

is one of the leading producers and suppliers of chemical and petrochemical products