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CALCIUM CHLORIDE is a chemical compound and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from CHLORAN CHEMICAL PRODUCTION COMPANY through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

It is consisting of calcium and chlorine. It has the formula CaCl2 and is a white, hygroscopic powder that dissolves easily in water.

Calcium chloride has many uses in different industries and applications:
  • De-icing and dust control: Calcium chloride lowers the freezing point of water and melts ice on roads and sidewalks. It also reduces dust and stabilizes the soil by attracting moisture from the air.
  • Food preservation and processing: Calcium chloride maintains the firmness and color of fruits and vegetables and prevents spoilage. It also acts as a salt substitute in brines, giving a salty taste without adding too much sodium. It is commonly found in cheese and tofu as a firming agent.
  • Self-heating devices and dehumidification: Calcium chloride produces heat when mixed with water, such as in hand warmers and heating pads. It also absorbs moisture and keeps things dry, such as in closets and basements.
  • Medical treatment and sports drinks: Calcium chloride corrects low calcium levels and protects the heart from high potassium or magnesium levels. It is used to treat internal hydrofluoric acid burns and cardiac arrest. It also acts as one of the electrolytes in sports drinks, helping to maintain fluid balance, muscle and nerve function, and bone health.
  • Chloran Chemical Production Company: This company produces calcium chloride in different grades and forms, such as flakes, pellets, powder, liquid, etc. The technical specifications of their products vary depending on the application, but they generally have a high purity (>94%), low water content (<2%), low alkalinity (<0.2%), low heavy metals (<10 ppm), etc. Their products are used in oil and gas drilling, concrete curing, paper manufacturing, wastewater treatment, etc .
Finally, if you are looking for CALCIUM CHLORIDE from CHLORAN CHEMICAL PRODUCTION COMPANY plants, Arena Petro Gas company is ready to supply you as its trading services according to your requirements and in accordance to the manufacturers' specifications, you can easily submit your order online.
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