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SBR 1712
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SBR 1712 STYRENE BUTADIENE RUBBER is a synthetic rubber and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from TAKHTE JAMSHID PETROCHEMICAL through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

SBR 1712 STYRENE BUTADIENE RUBBER is a synthetic rubber that is produced by cold polymerization of styrene and butadiene monomers in an emulsion process. It has a styrene content of 23.5% and is extended with 37.5 parts of highly aromatic oil. It has a high abrasion resistance, good impact strength, easy vulcanization and excellent processability compared to natural rubber.

Some of the uses of this product are:
  • Tire manufacturing: SBR 1712 widely use in the production of tires, where it is often blended with natural rubber. It provides good wearing and bonding characteristics, as well as low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Mechanical goods: SBR 1712 also use in various mechanical goods such as conveyor belts, seals, gaskets, hoses, rubber mats, rubber sheets and rubber footwear. It offers good resilience, high tensile strength and stable scorch properties.
The technical specifications of this product in TAKHTE JAMSHID PETROCHEMICAL are:

- Mooney viscosity (ML 1+4 at 100°C): 149 - Bound styrene (%): 23.5 - Volatile matter (%): 0.2 - Ash (%): 0.2 - Organic acid (%): 5.0 - Specific gravity: 0.95 - Tensile strength (kg/cm2): 245 - Elongation (%): 600 - 300% modulus (kg/cm2): 105 - ts1 (min): 5.2 - t'50 (min): 9.0 - t'90 (min): 15.0


SBR 1712

If you are looking for SBR 1712 from TAKHTE JAMSHID PETROCHEMICAL plants, Arena Petro Gas company is ready to supply you as its trading services according to your requirements and in accordance to the manufacturers' specifications, you can easily submit your order online.
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Styrene Butadiene Rubber SBR 1712
Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) 1712 is a cold polymerized emulsion type of synthetic rubber, known for its high abrasion resistance and excellent processing characteristics. It is a staining type SBR, extended with highly aromatic oil, which contributes to its superior physical properties.  
Applications of SBR 1712
SBR 1712 is widely used in various applications due to its durability and resilience. It is commonly found in tire compounds, mechanical goods, and industrial products where color and staining are not critical factors. Its key applications include passenger and heavy service treads, retread rubbers, bicycle tires, molded and extruded goods, automotive products, seals, hard rubber, wire, and cable.  
SBR 1712 Manufacturers in Iran
Iran, with its burgeoning petrochemical industry, is home to several manufacturers of SBR 1712. Takht-E-Jamshid Petrochemical Company is one of the major producers in the Middle East, offering high quality SBR 1712 for both domestic and international markets.
SBR 1712 Trading Supplier
  Trading and supplying SBR 1712 in Iran involves companies like Arena Petro Gas, which facilitate the export of SBR 1712 directly from manufacturers such as Takhte Jamshid Petrochemical to various industries across the globe.  
Future Predictions and Forecasts
The synthetic rubber market, including SBR 1712, is expected to experience growth driven by demand from the automotive sector and other industrial applications. Technological advancements and environmental considerations will likely influence the production and application of SBR 1712 in the future.

SBR 1712

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