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Acetic acid 99.8% is a colorless liquid and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from FANAVARAN PETROCHEMICAL through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

Acetic acid is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor and a sour taste. It is an organic acid that is widely used in various industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile, and plastic.

Acetic acid has many applications:
  • As a solvent for organic and inorganic compounds
  • As a raw material for the production of acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate monomer, acetate esters, and other chemicals
  • As a preservative and flavoring agent in food and beverages
  • As a coagulant and mordant in textile dyeing and printing
  • As a catalyst and modifier in polymerization and plasticization processes

Fanavaran Petrochemical Company (FPC) is one of the leading producers of acetic acid in Iran. FPC operates a carbon monoxide unit that converts methanol to acetic acid by carbonylation reaction.

The acetic acid produced by FPC has the following technical specifications:

- Purity: 99.8% min - Water: 0.15% max - Acetaldehyde: 0.003% max - Formic acid: 0.05% max - Iron: 0.5 ppm max - Heavy metals: 0.2 ppm max - Color: 10 APHA max

FPC exports its acetic acid products to various countries, such as China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. FPC also provides technical and engineering services to its customers and conducts research studies to improve its production process and product quality.


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Acetic Acid

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