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PROPYLENE GLYCOL (MPG INDUSTRIAL) is a chemical product and Arena Petro Gas is in position to supply and export it directly from the top producers through its trading services according to the following specification and technical properties.

Propylene glycol (MPG industrial) is a synthetic liquid that is widely used in various industries, such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and aerospace.

It has several properties that make it suitable for different applications, such as:
  • It is a solvent that can dissolve active agents or protect against corrosion.
  • It is a heat transfer medium that can lower the freezing point of water and prevent ice formation.
  • It is a humectant that can retain moisture and prevent drying out of products.
  • It is a building block for other plastics and resins that can be molded into various shapes.
Some of the uses of propylene glycol (MPG industrial) are:
  1. As an aircraft de-icer, it can enable safe air transport and ensure smooth surfaces for the aircraft.
  2. In paints and coatings, it can provide sustainable weather and wear protection.
  3. In liquid detergents, it can improve hygienic conditions.
  4. In cosmetics and personal care products, it can enhance the texture and stability of products.
  5. In food and beverages, it can act as a preservative, flavor enhancer, or carrier of colors and flavors.
  6. In pharmaceuticals, it can maintain the moisture and solubility of medicines.
some of the technical specifications of its product are:

- Purity: 99.5% min - Water content: 0.1% max - Color (APHA): 10 max - Specific gravity (20°C): 1.035 - 1.039 - pH (50% aqueous solution): 6 - 8 - Refractive index (20°C): 1.431 - 1.435

Finally, if you are looking for PROPYLENE GLYCOL (MPG INDUSTRIAL) from the top producers plants, Arena Petro Gas company is ready to supply you as its trading services according to your requirements and in accordance to the manufacturers' specifications, you can easily submit your order online.
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